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(above and below) A US Pattern 1826 Eagle Breastplate found in "field next to Reynold's Woods" by John Cullison. This plate comes with a letter of Authenticity from The Horse Soldier. Any Cullison items that did not pass through the Horse Soldier should be approached with caution. This plate was likely worn by a member of the Iron Brigade. -Sold


(above) Seven large shell fragments found by John Cullison in The Wheatfield. The fragments have a pleasing, nice patina and crisp edges. Comes with letter of Authenticity from The Horse Soldier. The group of all seven is -Sold


(above) A US cartridge box tin from the famed Danner Museum that came out of the Rosenteel's Round Top Museum. As indicated on the tin, it was found on "Round Top". Comes with letter of authenticity from The Horse Soldier. -Sold