In memory of John P. Geiselman

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In memory of John P. Geiselman
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      Among Civil war relic collectors, John Plank Geiselman has perhaps been best known for his famous collection of Gettysburg artifacts that he amassed over the years of his life and displayed in his museum. However there is much more to John P. Geiselman. If one looks just a bit deeper into his life, one discovers a soul that is sorely missed in today's world.  Indeed, perhaps it is no coincidence that John departed from this world on September 11, 2001.  It would seem that God spared John Geiselman's gentle soul from having to experience a post 9-11 world.  It would be a great tragedy for us today to forget John Geiselman and who he was. John was indeed a gentle soul who enjoyed the simple aspects of life. John was a devout man, who had a deep spirituality, and showed his faith in his every day life. In this day and age of a fast paced lifestyle,  uncertainty, consumerism, and text messaging, John's life and way of life stands as a beacon and as a reminder that there is another way of life for us to choose. 


(above) John Plank Geiselman- August 8, 1916- September 11, 2001.


(above) The farm where John Geiselman spent most of his life. The small building in the shade, in the right side of photo, is the building where John Geiselman displayed his Museum/ Collection.