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Featured Gettysburg Relics
The Jennie Wade Museum: It's rediscovered history and provenance for the museum's battlefield Relics
Faces of Gettysburg
July 1, 1863
July 2, 1863
July 3,1863
The Wheatfield
The 20th Maine and Third Brigade on Little Round Top
East Cavalry Field
Collecting Civil War Relics
Gettysburg Relics for Sale
John Cullison
In memory of John P. Geiselman
Recommended Readings
Recommended Websites

Brotherswar.com (Excellent site for information)

The Horse Soldier (Best of the Best for relic collecting)

Hoofbeats and Cold Steel: Thoughts of Civil War Cavalry Author J. David Petruzzi.

Gettysburg Relics (A good source for Antietam and Gettysburg relics)

The Battle of Gettysburg- A Photographic Guide (Best of the Best for Photography)

The Civil War Preservation Trust

The Gettysburg Foundation

Gettysburg Discussion Group

The Civil War Archive

The Civil War Homepage